truthful perceptions: receive…


There shall be no pretense, forethought or apprehension within me. There shall neither be anxiety or fear that would incapacitate and otherwise compromise the power given unto me.

My vision left unbound daily restores unto me the truth, that the blessings of my life were not made for me, but “I” was created to receive the blessings that God has in store for me.

I and I alone openly comprehend this fact, or I can reject it through fear.

I and I alone can honestly accept this truth, or I can delay it through procrastinating. To receive my blessings is to acknowledge my quest, knowing that God has equipped me with everything that I would ever need for this journey.

My journey is underwritten by the venture capital of the Word of God that tells me that I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me. Therefore my judgment is sound, my quest is just and all of my blessings are mine to receive ~ 


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truthful perceptions: power



Change requires process and process is never a pleasant thing. Through the process leading to change we develop power. We come to learn the source of this power is from within. It takes on many forms in the virtues known as resilience, perseverance, determination, truth, wisdom, faith, prayer, confidence and so on.

 Nonetheless it is all under and connected to power and understanding that as the Master Teacher taught, “the kingdom of God is within…”

 The word power occurs in the Bible 276 times. It is a word synonymous to the name of GOD. Power is what gives us a prevailing strength over the stressors in our lives draining our positive energy.

 The great question before us is am I being decisive in finding my power? Or am I just fledging through life awaiting something grand to happen like winning the lottery…?

Within you is the Spirit of the Great Creator of the known Universe. That in and of itself is recognizable as Power. It is said that your body is your first land to conquer. Your spirit is second and your mind is third.

 When you discipline and tame the body you conquer the flesh. When you calm, poise and channel the spirit, you have now conquered the fear.

When you conquer the mind you now release the powers of creativity unbound and capable of creating worlds of reality beyond your previous imagination.

 While the grace of GOD supplies all of our needs, the power of GOD provisions all of our thoughts and creative endeavors, for as you think in your heart, so you will become.

Find, Recognize and Source Your Power Forevermore.

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truthful perceptions: purpose…


LONGSUFFERING: The etymological history of this word dates back to biblical times and was used most prevalently during the 1600’s in England. Its conventional translation lends itself to the spiritually genetic trait of “Godly Patience”, of which is in and of itself is greater and ultimately more rewarding than human patience.

This genetic trait of GOD calls upon us to raise our level of self-perception equivalent to the pureness of how Almighty GOD sees us. Should we be honestly convicted within ourselves to make our tomorrow’s into what we envision today, this genetic trait of Godly Patience/longsuffering must be intrinsically included in our arsenal of victorious faith.

GENTLENESS: “What considerations we may bear, in rightful efforts be sincere; should armor or might fail the day, let gentleness win, through what we speak, what we talk and what we pray…”

No effort of future success will come to pass without a continuous examination of one’s self. We must be as the surgeon’s hand with skillful precision, and yet as considerate and gradual as the Word of GOD.

This spiritual genetic trait is sublime as it calls not just for the passion of our goal to be evident, but also the “compassion” required in consistently employing love into our labor, and subsequently our labor will demonstrate the commensurate gentleness of the same love we’ve put into it.

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truthful perceptions: victory


Victory. “I have the victory…” is much more than a church cliché. It’s above and beyond bumper sticker status and it doesn’t come cheap. To put it bluntly, it’s the boundary line between your success in obtaining your fitness goals and repeated failure in giving up, once again.

Your victory is not determined by how early you get up in the morning, but rather your convicted discipline in getting to bed at the same time every evening in supplying your body ample rest and rejuvenation.

Your victory is never to be acquired by consuming acidic drink’s, sugary foods, sodium filled meals or clandestine visit’s to McDonald’s because you believe no one is looking.

Your victory is measured by persistence and determination to practice proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise. Discipline is the price we pay for the dynamic of a healthy lifestyle. That above everything else is what defines our victory.

Not the completion of a goal, but the continuation of building on the success the pursuit of that goal brings to us. The victory is always in learning how to enjoy the journey, more than the destination.

There is no death to ever acknowledge, but rather the revealing of the remarkably renewable spiritual, mental and physical you, who is able to love-God-through-loving self and unveiling the inner workings of all you were created to be, one workout at a time… Victory.  Love All-Ways & Keep Looking Up.

“Fitness For Life…”



truthful perceptions: HPT


“We are the sum total of our experiences…” “It takes several parts to make up the whole…” “The thigh bone connected to the knee bone, the knee bone connected to the ankle bone…”

 We’ve all heard these catch phrases from time to time throughout our lives. These words and statements convey a message stating although component or a part of something may exist, its greater purpose is to its co-existence and connection to the whole.

 Many have inquired what exactly is a “Holistic Personal Trainer” and how does that differ from a Personal Trainer?

Exercise science is a remarkable branch of knowledge concerning the study of human movement and the physiological responses to those movements.

 However, its range of motion (no pun intended) is limited to its scope of practice concerning the physical and physiological aspects of said science. Holistic science incorporates all components of human living. Mental, Physical, Physiological and the Spiritual.

 As a practicing Christian, my faith both fuels and guides my desired goals and aspirations for a healthy living lifestyle.

As a HPT, I’m not in the business to preach to anyone, but simply to encourage a regimen of proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise that also incorporates a clients spiritual belief system.  

I have found that those who do so lead a richer and more fulfilling experience of healthy living in the awareness that GOD is not only the Creator of their temple, but is instrumental in its physical longevity, endowed healing, healthy development and subsequent rewards.  

 The Bible says: “For bodily exercise has some value, but godliness has value in all things, having the promise of the life which is now, and of that which is to come 1 Timothy 4:8…”

 This is why I believe in “(Holistic) Fitness For Life…”

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truthful perceptions: overcome


Life comes equipped with disappointment, setbacks and heartache. These events spare no race, creed or gender. It favors no ethnicity over the other and is servant to the law of averages by dictating… “in each life, some rain must fall…”

A leech is defined as an aquatic or terrestrial worm with suckers at both ends. Many of the species are bloodsucking parasites and others are predators.  Adversity in life can pretty much be viewed and defined as the leeches of our lives. Unless they are carefully avoided, prevented, removed and eliminated they too will become bloodsucking parasites and predators of our very Soul.

Learning to prevail and come out on top of every adversity is the key to our every success in life.  Fortune favors the bold, but occasional misfortune occurs to everyone. So how do we prevail as people of God in achieving victory over adversity? What techniques of the mind and mechanisms of the heart do we employ to our necessary healing?

When we first come to the awareness that adversity is a weapon of fate aimed directly at us, we must immediately arm ourselves with an inner understanding that God will never leave us nor forsake us, and because we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God the Word teaches us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

We get on in the world not by ignoring the prevalence of adversity, but through applying the mental fortitude, emotional resilience and spiritual faith to carry on and persist in achieving our goals in spite of.  Loving yourself and becoming stronger in your determination to overcome adversity is your key to opening doors of success.

So you’ve already won by the definition of the biblical Word. You are victorious over adversity by not only speaking the Word of God over your life, but also in believing deeply in your heart as to its author, its action and its authenticity.

Replace the leeches of adversity with a lease on new life, new thoughts and a new positive attitude that says I shall prevail, I shall succeed and I shall come out on top of every situation. In doing so, by the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart you shall most assuredly overcome. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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Mr. Russel Blake is the Author of “The Proverbs 31:Virtuous Woman Series…” He is also the creator and presenter of the D.I.V.A. (Divinely Intelligent & Virtuously Anointed) Workshop. A time of dialogue on the perception, purpose and position of the Virtuous Woman from a Man’s perspective.  Contact/Bookings/Representation: Monica Hart 678.612.7251

truthful perceptions: learning


There is no royal road to learning; lessons in life often come after paying a heavy price with no receipt for an exchange; Unfortunately, ignorance shuts its eyes and always believes it is right; That is why our life lessons are so invaluable because the wisdom we receive is the spiritual coin we earn for very painful life experiences;

Look into the quality of Ur choices if the same circumstances seem to come back to trouble you again and again, and remember that learning will either make a good person better or a bad person worse; No one is born wise or already educated; So allow these experiences to ultimately be re-examined as lessons of love and lighted wisdom for Ur path.

Study to show yourself approved, and through the nature of Ur journey realize that there is more learning than knowledge, wisdom than ignorance and love than hate to be experienced in this world. Love All Ways & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: opportunity


It is possible to be in this world, yet not of this world; as it matters less to a Man where he is born, than where he can live. Though we may be born in this world, the unceasing chaos, confusion, hatred and cruelty causes wonder as to who would intentionally desire to even claim this world as their own;

Abiding in and staying connected to GOD defines us as being not of this world; GOD lays a practical path for peace and balance for our walk of faith; The world will tell you to embrace Ur fears and magnify Ur insecurities while pushing you to Ur limits of sanity;

However, man’s adversity is GOD’s opportunity to call you out of this world; Whatever GOD calls you to do will always be bigger than you; Protect Ur thoughts at all costs; The mind is the battleground and what you meditate upon magnifies;

Keep the Word of GOD as Ur controlling source for positive thinking, because if you can’t win the battle in Ur mind, you can’t win the wars of this world in Ur life; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: faith…

“The Religious Abusers…”  It’s not the name of an Alternative Rock Music group. It’s not a 12 Step Program for Controlled Substance Drug Addicts Who Practice A Spiritual Belief  System.   

This is a holy roller religious group of bombastic church pulpit bullies who wear humble holy hats to the congregation, but in reality are nothing more than theological thugs behind closed doors. When and if they’re not beating down and abusing their own Wives, they’re incompetently signing off on the abusive marriages many of the women in their congregations are caught up in.  

“Submission Strategics” is the mantra most Pastors apply in marriage counseling. The vast majority of Church’s across the United States are simply not prepared for the dynamic of domestic violence now being brought in record numbers into marriage counseling sessions. Many christian counselors/ministers are not trained to deal with the social dynamic of domestic violence and usually revert to scriptures on wifely submission. You know, the old societal standby of when in doubt, “blame the victim…”

Why is it that the predominant school of thought is to always suggest that somehow its the victims fault for her abusers violence.  That somehow the victim is not being the fullness of a biblical Wife, through not being submissive enough to her husband.

That somehow she has neglected the duties of being a biblical wife and therefore has irresponsibly brought this violence upon herself. Clean the kitchen more often; yield to him when he demands to be physically pleased (a sign-off on marital rape); consider quitting your job and staying at home, etc;.. are some of the absurd suggestions and advice given to victims of domestic violence who seek help from the Church.

Sadly, this dynamic crosses all denominations of the Christian faith. The predominance of male headship in the Body of Christ regrettably can often lend itself to an insensitivity to its female congregants.  Pastors who struggle  with the issue of abuse must first stop trying to sugar-coat the issue by scripturally blaming the victim while religiously exonerating the abuser.  

Holding the abuser first and foremost accountable for his actions of violence is morally demanding upon any church leader. Let that Pastor use the moral power of the church to shame the abuser, convict him by his conscience to change his ways. Let that Pastor prioritize protecting the victim and the children.  That is what JESUS would do.

This proactive stance will burn itself into the conscience of the abuser and remove whatever religious veil of God he was hiding behind to justify his deplorable and despicable acts of abuse.  This is vitally most important if the abuser is an Associate Pastor, Deacon or holds some other prominent position within the church.

Until that abuser fully repents and commits himself to a six to twelve month fully licensed anger management course for treatment, coupled with extensive bi-daily Pastoral counseling, then any further attempts of marriage counseling will be in vain.  Let the Church serve as a true place of refuge and biblical teaching: “Husbands are to love their Wives as Christ loves the Church, and gave himself up for her, to make her holy – Ephesians 5:25-26…”

Let the church be a place not of complicity and an accessory after the fact for victims of abuse to fear, but rather a true place of healing, protection, courage and love for a Wife, as a sanctuary of hope, leadership and true faith. IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.

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