truthful perceptions: purpose…


LONGSUFFERING: The etymological history of this word dates back to biblical times and was used most prevalently during the 1600’s in England. Its conventional translation lends itself to the spiritually genetic trait of “Godly Patience”, of which is in and of itself is greater and ultimately more rewarding than human patience.

This genetic trait of GOD calls upon us to raise our level of self-perception equivalent to the pureness of how Almighty GOD sees us. Should we be honestly convicted within ourselves to make our tomorrow’s into what we envision today, this genetic trait of Godly Patience/longsuffering must be intrinsically included in our arsenal of victorious faith.

GENTLENESS: “What considerations we may bear, in rightful efforts be sincere; should armor or might fail the day, let gentleness win, through what we speak, what we talk and what we pray…”

No effort of future success will come to pass without a continuous examination of one’s self. We must be as the surgeon’s hand with skillful precision, and yet as considerate and gradual as the Word of GOD.

This spiritual genetic trait is sublime as it calls not just for the passion of our goal to be evident, but also the “compassion” required in consistently employing love into our labor, and subsequently our labor will demonstrate the commensurate gentleness of the same love we’ve put into it.

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truthful perceptions: victory


Victory. “I have the victory…” is much more than a church cliché. It’s above and beyond bumper sticker status and it doesn’t come cheap. To put it bluntly, it’s the boundary line between your success in obtaining your fitness goals and repeated failure in giving up, once again.

Your victory is not determined by how early you get up in the morning, but rather your convicted discipline in getting to bed at the same time every evening in supplying your body ample rest and rejuvenation.

Your victory is never to be acquired by consuming acidic drink’s, sugary foods, sodium filled meals or clandestine visit’s to McDonald’s because you believe no one is looking.

Your victory is measured by persistence and determination to practice proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise. Discipline is the price we pay for the dynamic of a healthy lifestyle. That above everything else is what defines our victory.

Not the completion of a goal, but the continuation of building on the success the pursuit of that goal brings to us. The victory is always in learning how to enjoy the journey, more than the destination.

There is no death to ever acknowledge, but rather the revealing of the remarkably renewable spiritual, mental and physical you, who is able to love-God-through-loving self and unveiling the inner workings of all you were created to be, one workout at a time… Victory.  Love All-Ways & Keep Looking Up.

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truthful perceptions: S.T.F.P.S.


S.T.F.P.S. – Safety. Technique. Form. Progress. Success

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed focused failures in the gym. What I mean by that is watching people strength training with intense focus, and yet using improper form and technique with both machines and free weights.

 It is a recipe for disaster towards injury and is counterproductive for any meaningful gains one would otherwise have.

  • First and foremost is always to maintain the mindset of safety as your priority.
  • Swinging The Weight. People have a tendency to do this because the weight is either too light and/or they’re just showing off. This produces unnecessary strain on a muscle, drains valuable energy and/or can also cause a pinched nerve through repetitious action.
  • OR people have a tendency to swing the weight because its too heavy and they are trying to compensate using their entire body for a bicep curl or a forearm raise.

 Solution: Find the weight that both presents a challenge to your muscle to trigger growth and is also not too light to waste invaluable training time.

 Utilize the internet/youtube to observe proper form for the desired exercise. Be aware of your breathing and begin slowly to practice the technique. Minimum of 1-3 reps. Then over time 3-5, 6-8 and so on. Use the S.T.F.P.S.  formula to concentrate your approach to strength training. 

 S.T.F.P.S. – Safety. Technique. Form. Progress. Success.

truthful perceptions: vision


The truest purpose of life is to know the life that never ends; The life engaged to Ur dreams and forever married to the vision GOD has given to manifest for you and you alone at the appointed time;

Attracting evidence of Ur life’s vision begins with speaking “Peace, Be Still” to the storms of uncertainty within you and around you; Don’t allow fear to paralyze the genuine effort required in bringing Ur vision/goals to life; Believe something greater than the status quo exists for you;

Struggles may persist and adversity in life will always come, but declare yourself to be stronger, wiser, built to last and a winner who never quits;

Never limit Ur future by dwelling in the past; Just as there is a past that is gone forever, there is a future that is still Ur very own; So through Ur anointed vision live sensibly for today; Plan wisely for tomorrow and never lose sight of who GOD has created you to be;

Time always discovers truth, and there is no better time than now, to invest in Ur vision, move forward and succeed. Love All Ways & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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