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Words of the Soul forever compliment divine love to be universal; The Soul knows that truth seeks no corners to hide and it never grows old;

Truth may always be blamed, but it can never be shamed; It may suffer from neglect and a lack of honorable Men to lift it up, but it will never perish;

Evil men may seek to darken the truth but they can never extinguish it, for sooner or later truth always comes to light; If truth it doesn’t come out in the wash, it will come out in the rinse;

So let the words of your Soul always pray to GOD in truth; Speak to Men as Brothers in integrity and communicate with Women as Sisters we cherish with respect and sincerity;

 Deceit may hide in honey sweetened words, but the truth shall always set you free; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.  

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truthful perceptions: balance…


Life requires balance.

The areas of time management are not exempt. As in most things it is the habitual practice of an imbalance that endangers the daily peace of the individual. To find inner balance and its ensuing tangible peace one should affirm the necessity of implementing positive time management within their life’s regimen. It is said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, yet all play and no work makes him something greatly worse”.

The adage is clear as to the significance of placing priorities of work and leisure rightly divided within one’s life. Yet deeper still is the importance of defining the discipline. There is simply no replacement for the value of work.

I speak not of the regulatory 9 to 5 position most of us pursue and retain in order to pay the bills and keep food on the table. As important as that is, this book’s purpose is to subscribe to the inner architect residing within all Souls who read these words in order to understand the power within your minds eye to both challenge and change your future, for there is no future brighter than the present. We each have a vision of how our lives can, could and should be made better. For all who are living that dreamality (experiencing your dream + living your reality = dreamality) life cannot be a grander place to both work and play.

Yet, for the majority there is no causality for the expression of freedom. Other than a yearning seed of belief through the Word of GOD given every Sunday in church, do the masses experience any true change of their position in life. This is now the time to begin designing the most significant concept of your life and being entrusted to supervise the greatest enterprise you will ever manage. By contrast, the time required to endeavor the power of your imagination is miniscule in comparison to weekly leisurely exploits as trivial as watching television. The need to flip the script has never been greater nor the rewards more relevant to one’s prosperity.

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truthful perceptions: time…


A Time To Every Purpose Under The Heaven

Significant to every life is the one factor we each both possess and often find as elusive to grasp within our hands as water. The one attribute distinctive to our survival and most often abused and underestimated to the point of regret and desired reversal in any conversation of reflection upon one’s life. The vital element of constancy in bringing the singular point of synchronicity between the past, present and future synonymous to habitual human behavior, and the temporal mechanics of travel.


Besides the gift of life itself and the gift of JESUS himself, it is perhaps the greatest gift given by GOD unto humankind to both understand its brevity of nature and consistently value its purpose. Through passions of invincibility and dreams of immortality, it is a gift most undervalued and taken for granted when we are young. Through the succession of trials and tribulations that define our girth of character, the knowledge of life and it’s brevity make time a gift both treasured and overvalued, despised and feared by us in our winter years.

It is the constant to which all music must immortally sway, the eternal ocean for the longevity of a beautifully painted portrait and the executioner to both a dancers skill and they’re gradual diminishing expertise of the same. Time eventually overwhelms the physical prowess of every athlete and out boxes the sweet science of every pugilist from his or her championship title.

Over the ages what billions of Souls through it’s seas have come, and yet billions more into it’s abyss of eternity will eventually enter. With the emblem of an eternity at stake it is no wonder that as time goes by, the older one gets the more inclined he or she is to invoke wisdom into there daily life.

At least that’s the way it should work. Yet, what if it doesn’t happen? The lessons of time are invariably apt to supersede our cognizance to apply the practical wisdom it teaches. Time waits for no one, and we are quickly running out of it.

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truthful perceptions: time


In times of prosperity, be cautious; In adversity, be patient; In love, be honest; In popularity, be humble; In having authority, be wise.

In times of community, be joyful; In spirituality, be grateful; In war, be peaceful and in peace, be prepared for war.

In times of sadness, be prayerful; In fear, be faithful and in times of darkness, to always be the light.

In times of injustice, be righteousness; In life, to live in moderation and always increase learning; for all wish to live long, but none wish to be called old and unlearned.

In times of despair, be hopeful; In friendship, to be a good listener; In plenty, be charitable and in lean times, hold on.

In times of confusion, be understanding and in times of misunderstanding, strive to be the voice of reason, restoration and reconciliation.

In times of reflection, always take time to determine the value of your freedom.

To render expected happiness in your accomplishments, but to employ a much deeper knowledge to understand what you’ve learned about yourself while in pursuit of your goals.

This will always be your greatest teacher; It is the joy of the journey for your life and all done, through the anointed breath of time.

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: time


Praise GOD: Necessity is a tough Mother, but she raises strong children. In knowing that our fears outnumber our dangers, be particularly careful of the hazards of procrastination; This cunning thief of time works in conspiracy with fear to rob you of your future; With the exception of good health, time is the greatest of all our GOD given assets; So let each day be the scholar of yesterday and the student of tomorrow by always making the present day your messenger of truth regarding your life;

Time waits for no one, and yet it devours all things; So wisely evaluate your necessities; Be determined to invest your quality of time to Ur anointed vision and be resilient against any setbacks; GOD never shuts one door that He does not open another for you to succeed; Because we know GOD is good all the time; and all the time GOD is good. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name. 

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