truthful perceptions: fathers…

True Fathers protect from all enemies, provide for all seasons and immerse themselves in constant prayer as it pertains to all things both good and Godly for their children. True Fathers possess a singleness of mind, a singularity of Soul and elect themselves unto sacred and eternal humility before God for the gift(s) of their children.

As a bachelor, selfishness often rules the day while the night orders recklessness and abandon. An arrogant table of the heart in refusing to allow the Word of God to both wisely rest and rule on top of it. This mindset parlays all monies unto wine, women and song. It cradles the basket of lustful whims through youthful charms and dares eternity to a challenge of longevity, arrogantly believing that he will win.

However, when True Fatherhood arrives waters of maturity divide the seas of wisdom to bring forth a mighty charge of God. The clouds above then pour forth rains of sensibility that strengthens the very marrow of a Real Man’s bones, and portions spiritual boldness into his heart while forever sentencing foolishness back unto it’s demonic realm of ignorance.

A wise Man will instinctively cling to this mark of God’s call, and like an eagle perched high on a mountain will begin to fix his eyes with laser like precision on the fragile and vulnerable future of his vulnerable yet beautiful child.

True Fathers personify responsibility of their children while being an example of pure religious morality for their children. True Fathers by definition rules the appointment of dependability, practices the politics of authoritative leadership, legislates the power of invisible loving discipline and are never voted out of office.

True Fathers take charge when the devil seems large, by rebuking the beast back to the pit of hell from whence he came. A True Father validates his faith through works and never allows his children go either hungry or astray.

Fatherhood transcends race and religions, neutralizes nationalities and bonds wise men to a common cause. True Fathers are soldiers fighting on the front lines of stability, in the trenches of the war of fear for what the future may hold for his children.

He is in the army of many millions, yet impersonates none on this battlefield of singular distinction. Though bombs of indecision, mortars of his child’s sickness and mortal rocket fire target the very essence of his compassionate manhood, his mission is never deterred, declined nor defeated. Whether a world away or tangibly with his child everyday, a True Father is a soldier who is never M.I.A. (missing in action).

I witnessed my Daughter as a baby girl. Precious and adorable, vulnerable and fragile and with my mission clear, my heart always steered itself in eternal vigilance to her cause. The deal was sealed with her first utterance of the word “Daddy”.

I witnessed my Son as a baby boy. Smiling and playful, and always laughing in his cradle. Tiny fists with baby bottle in hand, letting everyone know that he is the Man-child who is a conqueror, a King who will be more than equipped and able to lead.

True Fathers set the positive example of masculine tender love for his children, by virtue of how he treats their Mother. His behavior sets the mental and spiritual template for there perception of a future spouse.

From the daughters perception of a Man always gentle and true, loving and kind, protectively loyal and faithfully devoted unto his Wife, to the son’s positive example of a Man who is never psychologically, verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to his Wife.

Rather, in addition to being a provider, prayer warrior and protector, that he loves his wife as Christ also loves the church and gave himself for it (1). 

False fathers plead the perverted fifth on the grounds that they never inseminated anyone. False fathers lust selfishly of themselves before they think of their children. False fathers offend God and there own children who believe in JESUS.

JESUS said, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”(2).

 After years of strife, false fathers do not man up and make amends to their adult children. False fathers make excuses, abide in lies and foolishly believe that they can escape God’s judgment. False fathers do not know what genuine love is.

True Fathers proudly step up and parent a child even if that child is not biologically his. True Fathers always place their children’s needs and well being first. True Fathers hear the Word of God, “Fathers provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”(3).

After years of strife, True Fathers humble themselves and repent, seeking reconciliation and restoration with their adult children. True Fathers take responsibility, work hard, abide in truth and continually bless their children with wisdom, guidance and unconditional grace, mercy and love.

True Fathers know what genuine love is. Which is why they overwhelmingly cherish four words said to them by their children that are more meaningful then any other. Those words are:

                                                     “I love you Daddy”


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truthful perceptions: light…


The wise Man draws more advantage from his enemies, than a fool from his friends; As light is the contrast to darkness, so in life will come the envy of friends and the hatred of enemies;

Being caught between these two fires is never good, yet we look to the Christ within as the active instrument of all peace, forgiveness and reconciliation;

The same creative force who set the symphony of the universe in motion, grows the bones of a child in the womb and decrees the boundaries for every Sea;

This infinite intelligence daily affirms our Spirit to know and declare – If GOD Be For Us, Then Who Can Be Against Us; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

copyright Man Of Psalms 2016

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truthful perceptions: power



Change requires process and process is never a pleasant thing. Through the process leading to change we develop power. We come to learn the source of this power is from within. It takes on many forms in the virtues known as resilience, perseverance, determination, truth, wisdom, faith, prayer, confidence and so on.

 Nonetheless it is all under and connected to power and understanding that as the Master Teacher taught, “the kingdom of God is within…”

 The word power occurs in the Bible 276 times. It is a word synonymous to the name of GOD. Power is what gives us a prevailing strength over the stressors in our lives draining our positive energy.

 The great question before us is am I being decisive in finding my power? Or am I just fledging through life awaiting something grand to happen like winning the lottery…?

Within you is the Spirit of the Great Creator of the known Universe. That in and of itself is recognizable as Power. It is said that your body is your first land to conquer. Your spirit is second and your mind is third.

 When you discipline and tame the body you conquer the flesh. When you calm, poise and channel the spirit, you have now conquered the fear.

When you conquer the mind you now release the powers of creativity unbound and capable of creating worlds of reality beyond your previous imagination.

 While the grace of GOD supplies all of our needs, the power of GOD provisions all of our thoughts and creative endeavors, for as you think in your heart, so you will become.

Find, Recognize and Source Your Power Forevermore.

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truthful perceptions ~ words…



Words of the Soul forever compliment divine love to be universal; The Soul knows that truth seeks no corners to hide and it never grows old;

Truth may always be blamed, but it can never be shamed; It may suffer from neglect and a lack of honorable Men to lift it up, but it will never perish;

Evil men may seek to darken the truth but they can never extinguish it, for sooner or later truth always comes to light; If truth it doesn’t come out in the wash, it will come out in the rinse;

So let the words of your Soul always pray to GOD in truth; Speak to Men as Brothers in integrity and communicate with Women as Sisters we cherish with respect and sincerity;

 Deceit may hide in honey sweetened words, but the truth shall always set you free; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.  

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truthful perceptions: character…

IMG_0011 copy

Real men court, date, become engaged to and marry integrity for a lifetime. Fake/abusive men have already divorced themselves from the possibility of even knowing who she is.

You can never step up as a Man, if you’re knocking down a Woman. You can never improve yourself as a Man, if you’re verbally abusing a Woman. You can never better yourself as a person and advance inspirational thoughts in others, by destroying the life of a Woman.

Integrity is a lifestyle, not a choice. It is not a demand, but a dialect of human language invisibly spoken in the form of a selfless love and respect for all life, especially the life of your wife/intimate partner. Most men have integrity genetically encoded in their DNA and will absolutely protect and defend all life. They never abuse women and behave as a moral leader in their home and at the workplace.

Integrity speaks loudest through your actions, not your words. Not your frequency to make promises, but rather through your actions as a Man in keeping them. Though a Man may fall a thousand times, if he is a Man of integrity, the world will always lift him up.

It’s not the size of the headstone on a grave that determines the significance of the person buried, but the number of people who come and desire to come to pay their respects. What man has never stopped to reflect on how he wishes to be remembered long after he has left this Earth?

Integrity insures your legacy to be one that is spoken of with endearing love and respect from your children and creates a lasting impact on everyone that loves you for the rest of their lives.  

Let your recognition to be so closely aligned with integrity that others will use it among the first descriptive words when speaking of you. Let your character be so undivided to integrity that liars even become inspired to change their ways because of your influence.

Integrity is not a fanciful notion, but a dutiful necessity to this thing called life. She gives you everything that is noble, nurturing and noticeable to those around you. She plays no favorites and will expose you as a fraud should you desire to cheat on her. 

You simply cannot possess Integrity and be an abuser of Women at the same time. BUT as a Man, you can be ever loved, respected, protected and cherished by those who love you, through having true and lasting integrity. 

Man Of Psalms Publishing Co

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Music: 20 Angels & Six Golden Souls by Russel Blake


truthful perceptions: faith


“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”

We’ve all had a valley experience, but through it all you come to realize there are two types of people in this world: Those who say “I Can..” and those who say “I Can’t..”

Ironically, they’re both right, because the laws of the universe will ultimately act on what you continue to confess out of your mouth.

Don’t let your situation change your confession; let your confession change your situation.

Remember that a valley is a mindset and not a location; and every shadow is cast by light, not darkness.

As you walk through your valley, your walk of faith is an act of obedience; because its not the faith that you know, but the faith that you perform and do that matters.

Stay Encouraged. GOD Bless You & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ` In JESUS Precious Name.

Man Of Psalms Publishing Co

Copyright 2014 

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truthful perceptions: words


Words of the Soul forever compliment divine love to be universal; The Soul knows that truth seeks no corners to hide and it never grows old; Truth may always be blamed, but it can never be shamed; It may suffer from neglect and a lack of honorable Men to lift it up, but it will never perish;

Evil men may seek to darken the truth but they can never extinguish it, for sooner or later truth always comes to light; If truth it doesn’t come out in the wash, it will come out in the rinse;

So let the words of your Soul always pray to GOD in truth; Speak to Men as Brothers in integrity and communicate with Women as Sisters we cherish with respect and sincerity; Deceit may hide in honey sweetened words, but the truth shall always set you free; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.   

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truthful perceptions: genocide


Recently, I’ve joined millions of others across this country in outrage over the Zimmerman verdict. I was outsourcing my feelings of seeing a unity of spirit amongst Black people motivated by the act of injustice right before our eyes through the acquittal of Zimmerman.

 I say outsourcing because all the while, my conscience was speaking to me in a still small voice, but one loud enough to hear over the noise of chants for justice and tears of astonishment in GZ’s acquittal. The voice in my head spoke loud and clear: Where is the unified outcry amongst Black people in particular, for the ongoing deaths in Chicago of Blacks being killed by other Blacks?

 Six people killed and 17 shot this past weekend alone, including Six year old Quianna Thompson, who was ironically shot and killed while attending a vigil for another shooting victim who died the previous week. In addition to Quianna, the five other lives lost this past weekend were just as precious as both hers and Trayvon Martin’s life. 

 What about the lives of other Chicago victims of violent murder: Jeremiah Brown, Marissa Boyd- Stingley, Tommie Bates, Ronald Baskin, Marquis Anderson, Cherie Adams, Clifton Barney, Jovatay Alexander and on and on and on… Weren’t their lives just as precious as Trayvon’s life?

Is it because they weren’t killed by a White/Mexican, that somehow invalidates the need for our unified national outrage? Have we by our own national Black silence set the bar so low for the devaluation of Black life that only when a white jury acquits a white man for murdering one of our own, will we as a people get up in arms about how precious Black life is?

 Does anyone really believe that if Trayvon Martin was killed by another Black youth he would have still become a national martyr symbolizing injustice, OR would he have simply been a 30 second blip on the local news in reporting another murdered Black youth with no witnesses. 

White males with a university degree have a 2.9% unemployment rate while Black male high school dropouts constitute a 51.6% unemployment rate. That coupled with a plethora of available guns, territorial gang disputes/violence and a very hot summer breeds the perfect storm for the murder rates we are all witnessing week after week just in Chicago alone.

Under-educated, under-employed, under-skilled and overly-armed draws the line in the sand for employed contempt and a glaring lack of love for the sanctity of life, especially amongst your own kind. 

Where is the unified boycott by music celebrities? Where are the sports teams/stars wearing Hoodies? Where are the politically religious and religiously political opportunists who are there to posture for the national TV cameras during the Martin case, yet silent and absent when we are killing each other week after bloody week? 

No differently than any other race, Black people exhibit the same behavioral patterns of an anticipated and ongoing measured dispassion when killing their own kind.

We must also remember that White people organized en masse vehemently across the country when protesting an acquittal of a defendant who they collectively felt was guilty of murder. Perhaps if the current dynamics were flipped under the same set of circumstances and the murderer was clearly responsible for the murder and yet found not guilty, then we would again witness a similar reaction from White people. Remember their reaction to the Not Guilty verdict in the OJ criminal trial?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the amount of paralyzed dismissal we as Black people have now become so accustomed to rendering when it concerns a Black life being murdered by another Black individual.

We all feel the hurt it when we hear the news of another deadly weekend in Chicago, or Washington DC, Detroit, New York, Phily, New Orleans, etc;.. and because ignorance walks so proudly and so well armed, we can only throw our hands up in the air in the attempt to somehow maintain our sanity.

 The question is: Where is our unified national outrage? Organized rallies? Sit-Ins at the State House forcing the Governor to request the FBI and all powers of the State using every means necessary to find the gun suppliers? Where is our demand to the powers that be for equal education funding across the board for Public Schools (as done for Charter Schools) and creating State based Job training opportunities requiring incentivized High School Diploma/GED Equivalent for our youth? 

 Where is our demand of the President and The Justice department to send in Federal troops if necessary to stop these senseless killings?  Perhaps that’s the hardest part of all. Allowing our frustrations to turn into an despondency of acceptance, and that acceptance to morph itself into a growing indifference for life itself through our self-inflicted genocide.  

Ultimately indicting us all, because without commissioned organized action, we then through omission, become an accessory to the very crimes we despise in our loud silence. May GOD Help Us…IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.