truthful perceptions: machines


Machines can either be our best friend in the gym or our worst enemy. One of my new clients wanted to proudly demonstrate to me all that she had learned. She placed herself on the squat machine and proceeded to stack two 45lb weights on either side.

 She began her exercise lowering herself too quickly, not breathing properly and then pushing herself up using her toes. The strain on her face was enough for me to stop her by her third rep. She thanked me as she said the pain has always been unbearable when doing that exercise.

She explained this is how she learned this machine from her last trainer. I explained to her this particular exercise targeting both the hamstrings and butt is best achieved by placing both feet shoulder length apart and flat-footed.  This provides balance and first and foremost safety from injury. Never lock your knees on your way up and keep a slow but intense fluidity to your reps. 

 I explained to her to never circumvent God-given common sense for a personal trainer. If it hurts when you’re doing it, then something is wrong.

Whatever machines peak your curiosity, make sure you ask gym personnel for the proper directions in how to use it. Avoid serious injury by always placing your safety first. As the saying goes: ”Check yourself, before you wreck yourself…”

 “Fitness For Life…”



truthful perceptions: time


In times of prosperity, be cautious; In adversity, be patient; In love, be honest; In popularity, be humble; In having authority, be wise.

In times of community, be joyful; In spirituality, be grateful; In war, be peaceful and in peace, be prepared for war.

In times of sadness, be prayerful; In fear, be faithful and in times of darkness, to always be the light.

In times of injustice, be righteousness; In life, to live in moderation and always increase learning; for all wish to live long, but none wish to be called old and unlearned.

In times of despair, be hopeful; In friendship, to be a good listener; In plenty, be charitable and in lean times, hold on.

In times of confusion, be understanding and in times of misunderstanding, strive to be the voice of reason, restoration and reconciliation.

In times of reflection, always take time to determine the value of your freedom.

To render expected happiness in your accomplishments, but to employ a much deeper knowledge to understand what you’ve learned about yourself while in pursuit of your goals.

This will always be your greatest teacher; It is the joy of the journey for your life and all done, through the anointed breath of time.

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: learning


There is no royal road to learning; lessons in life often come after paying a heavy price with no receipt for an exchange; Unfortunately, ignorance shuts its eyes and always believes it is right; That is why our life lessons are so invaluable because the wisdom we receive is the spiritual coin we earn for very painful life experiences;

Look into the quality of Ur choices if the same circumstances seem to come back to trouble you again and again, and remember that learning will either make a good person better or a bad person worse; No one is born wise or already educated; So allow these experiences to ultimately be re-examined as lessons of love and lighted wisdom for Ur path.

Study to show yourself approved, and through the nature of Ur journey realize that there is more learning than knowledge, wisdom than ignorance and love than hate to be experienced in this world. Love All Ways & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: opportunity


It is possible to be in this world, yet not of this world; as it matters less to a Man where he is born, than where he can live. Though we may be born in this world, the unceasing chaos, confusion, hatred and cruelty causes wonder as to who would intentionally desire to even claim this world as their own;

Abiding in and staying connected to GOD defines us as being not of this world; GOD lays a practical path for peace and balance for our walk of faith; The world will tell you to embrace Ur fears and magnify Ur insecurities while pushing you to Ur limits of sanity;

However, man’s adversity is GOD’s opportunity to call you out of this world; Whatever GOD calls you to do will always be bigger than you; Protect Ur thoughts at all costs; The mind is the battleground and what you meditate upon magnifies;

Keep the Word of GOD as Ur controlling source for positive thinking, because if you can’t win the battle in Ur mind, you can’t win the wars of this world in Ur life; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: light

IMG_0011 copy

The wise Man draws more advantage from his enemies, than a fool from his friends; As light is the contrast to darkness, so in life will come the envy of friends and the hatred of enemies; Being caught between these two fires is never good, yet we look to the Christ within as the active instrument of all peace, forgiveness and reconciliation; The same creative force who set the symphony of the universe in motion, grows the bones of a child in the womb and decrees the boundaries for every Sea; This infinite intelligence daily affirms our Spirit to know and declare – If GOD Be For Us, Then Who Can Be Against Us; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: understanding


Praise GOD: If wisdom is humble because it knows no more; and knowledge is proud because it knows so much; then Understanding is faithful because it simply does the will of GOD; She brings belief when their is a need for faith;

She enlarges your perception in the desire for growth; She broadens your view in the necessity for dialogue and she holds the key for every door of faithful agreement; Young men think old men as fools but Old men know young men to be so; It is only the wise and gracious Woman known as Understanding that brings both of them to her table to sit and reason together;

Allow her to have leadership in your life this day knowing that without her your wisdom is made foolish and your knowledge is but a fog; Only she can bridge the way, the truth and the life of Christ to rest, rule and reign both supreme and forevermore in GOD, to your unlimited success. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: prayer

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Praise GOD: Every honorable endeavor is won or lost on the field of prayer; Prayers move the hands that move the universe and our knowledge and practice of this ability enables us to live in harmony. Proficiency of prayer will make a fool wise and the lack of it will turn a wise man into a fool; Prayer is the jewel of contentment belonging to the wisest of souls; the rich man is made wise because he has it and the poor man is made rich because he can’t live without it;

If you lose money, you lose much; when you lose friends you lose much more; but when you lose the wisdom to always pray, you’ve lost it all; therefore let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid; Make the secret of your success be the constancy of Ur anointed purpose on this Earth through love, faith, patience and prayer. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

Man Of Psalms